Marine and Natural Resources Awards 2019

Thursday, June 27th @ Ballsbridge Hotel, Dublin

We will be open submissions shortly.

We are delighted to announce a significant expansion of the Marine Industry Awards, Ireland’s forum where achievement in the marine sector has been recognised for several years, as we open the programme to include all-natural resources, their stewardship and development into the future.

The expanded format has a new name, The Marine and Natural Resources Awards, to reflect the comprehensive nature of programme.

You will see new categories introduced as marine, water, energy, forestry and mining are represented in integrated context, the future model for development of Ireland’s marine and natural resources enterprises.

As Ireland’s natural resources sector, through its world-class businesses, becomes increasingly relevant to international investors it is essential that the integrated nature of the resource ecosystem be reflected in one industry gathering.

We are delighted to provide this focus and purpose through the expanded format.

The programme seeks to find the businesses and enterprises who are responsibly harvesting our natural resources for the benefit of future generations and the continued well-being of the Irish economy while operating to world-class standards.

To find out how you can make a submission please contact our Entry Team Leaders.

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